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Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete

Artevia Exposed

Artevia® Exposed is a robust exterior concrete that responds to the need for visual beauty and durability.  From foot paths to promenades; the three levels of exposure and multitude of colors are sure to offer a solution for your project requirements.


The unique mix designs created by the technical service professionals at Consumers Concrete, combined with installation by Artevia® Pro Network contractors, result in the highest quality finished product possible.


Exposed textures can be combined with the Artevia® Color and Artevia® Stamp brands of decorative finishes to create the unique character your project demands.


Artevia® is sure to please as you look for solutions to your outdoor living areas, commercial spaces, and municipal gathering places.

Battle Creek (Highly Exposed)

The Battle Creek full level of aggregate exposure reveals a rugged, aged, natural look.  Battle Creek is a great choice in areas where a more rugged appearance is desired.

Ottawa (Mildly Exposed)

Ottawa’s medium level of aggregate exposure is adaptable to many outdoor spaces.  Combined with a multitude of colors, Ottawa may be the solution for your project.

Lakeshore Sand (Lightly Exposed)

The fine grains of sand replicated in the Lakeshore Sand level of exposure have a texture often desired for pool decks and outdoor living spaces.  When the look and feel of sand on a Lake Michigan beach is what you are looking for, Lakeshore Sand will be your solution.


Artevia® is a registered trademark of Lafarge S.A.   Consumers Concreteis an authorized distributor of Artevia®

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