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Do it Yourself

See the helpful pdf's below & for more information like this goto:  National Concrete Ready Mix Association

Advantages of Concrete


    •  Concrete is durable and will stand up to traffic for many years

    •  Concrete does not need to be sealed every year

    •  When its lifespan is finally over, it can be recycled making it environmentally friendly

    •  It has a smooth and bright appearance, often enhancing exterior lighting


Our Customer Service Department can offer assistance as to which mix design to use and what accessories you may need for your project.  It would be a good idea to read through the information below and decide if doing it yourself is still a project that you would like to tackle.




    •  Placing concrete is physically demanding.  A wheelbarrow of concrete can easily weigh over 500 lbs.  A small project usually requires more than one person, while larger projects require several helpers equipped with adequate tools listed below.


    •  Concrete is perishable and you will have about 45 minutes to unload.  This is a great reason to have preparation complete and lots of help standing by when the truck arrives.


    •  Concrete is caustic to skin and eyes and will cause burns.  Always use rubber boots, rubber gloves, and eye protection when placing concrete.  If you do come in contact with concrete, wash immediately with soap and water.  Do not continue working with concrete saturated boots or clothing.


    •  A ready mix truck is large and very heavy!  Upon arrival, our drivers will ask you to sign our delivery ticket which contains the conditions that apply to deliveries.  In short, you accept liability for any damage to your property and our equipment, including wrecker charges, once we leave the road and enter the jobsite.  Make sure there is adequate travel room and height clearance for our trucks.  Please identify and stake out dry wells, septic tanks, and other underground utilities.


    •  You need to provide a location for the driver to wash down the chutes and tools.  This will likely leave a pile of concrete residue (any that is left in the chutes) and wash water that cannot be left in a road right-of-way.

Have tools and supplies lined up and ready.  CCC sells tools and supplies at our stores.  Many tools are available for rent at equipment rental stores.


    •  Square end shovels

    •  Wheelbarrows (a strong contractor type with well aired tire)

    •  Concrete rakes “Kum-a-longs”

    •  Screed board  (long enough to span the forms , used to level the concrete)

    •  Magnesium floats

    •  Bull float with handles

    •  Concrete edger

    •  Concrete groover  that is deep enough to groove ¼ of the thickness of your slab

    •  Concrete finish broom

    •  Form boards, stakes, nails and sledge hammer

    •  Re-bar or mesh ( Fibers, delivered in the concrete truck are available in addition)

    •  Cure and Seal (can usually be delivered on the truck)

    •  Concrete Chute, if needed

    •  Safety Equipment


Ordering Concrete


Calculate amount of concrete that you need using our handy concrete calculator.

It is a good idea to order a little extra (¼ to ½ yard).


Our customer service center will assist you.


   •  Call 1-800-Concrete 24 hrs. in advance

        -  Our customer service personnel will help you order the proper mix for your project.

        -  They will assist in recommending sealers, reinforcement and other additives

        -  They may point out weather issues that are on the radar screen at the time of order.

        -  Payment can be arranged by credit card previous to delivery


Preparing and Finishing Your Project (See pdf's to the right, or web sites below for more information)


Michigan Concrete Association


National Ready Mix Concrete Association


Cure and Seal Products


These products allow moisture to more slowly evaporate enhancing the curing process while leaving a film on the surface to act as a sealer.


There are many products available to meet your specifications.  Please look at the pdf  "Euclid Diamond Clear," our most popular solvent base cure and seal, for technical and application information.


Euclid Diamond Clear