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Hydromedia is a next generation pervious concrete that is also called permeable concrete, porous concrete, no-fines concrete or gap graded concrete.  Carefully controlled amounts of water, cement, fly ash and admixtures combine to form a thick paste around the aggregate particles while eliminating all, or most of, the sand, creating a substantial void content.  Typically, 15% to 25% voids are achieved, allowing a high flow rate of water through the concrete.


Segmental retaining wall companies, including Allan Block and others, have engineered segmental retaining wall projects using pervious concrete as a drainable fill behind the retaining wall. The pervious concrete attaches to the back of the block extending the depth of the wall mass allowing for less excavation than typical geo-grid walls.  More information is available on the Case Study and Technical Newsletter available here and here.  (The underlined words should be links to the Technical Newsletter and the Case Study PDF’s)


Please contact your Consumers Concrete sales professional for more information on this exciting way to place retaining walls with less excavation and potential increased efficiencies.

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