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Natural Aggregates

Most of our natural aggregates are mined right at our Nazareth Road, Kalamazoo location.  They are taken out of a glacial deposit left behind many years ago. After mining, the sand and gravel is screened, washed, or even crushed to produce usable graded material to meet ASTM standards for construction aggregates.  There are many different sizes and shapes to choose from.

Mason Sand – Used by masons to prepare mortar for brick and block. Ideal for above ground pool bases and sand boxes.

2NS Concrete Sand – This coarse sand is used with stone to make ready mix or site mixed concrete. It compacts well and will work for paver leveling course material.

Fill Sand – Inexpensive, ungraded sand used for sub—grade and backfill.

6A Concrete Stone 3/8"- 1" – Used with concrete sand to make ready mix or site mixed concrete. Also suitable for drain fields, drywell drainage and landscape projects.

Decorative Stone 1” - 2” – This product is clean and has good shape and color. It is the most popular choice for residential landscape bedding.

Oversize 1 1/2” - 4”" – This product is random in stone shape and size. It is an economical choice for your project. It is sized nicely for commercial landscape beds.

Pea Gravel 3/8” – Used for play areas and some drainage projects. Also used for exposed aggregate concrete and fine concrete mixes.

21AA Natural Stone w / fines – This gradation is often specified for projects.

Crushed Stone w / fines 3/8"

Crushed Stone w / fines 1/2"

– 3/8" Compacts extremely well, making it ideal for paver base.


– 1/2” Compacts extremely well.  Ideal for retaining wall footing (base) and paver base.



Crushed Stone 1/2"

Crushed Stone 3/4"

– Both sizes are available 1/2” is most popular for driveway applications. It compacts well and stays in place.


– Although the 3/4” size is used for driveways, it has been a good choice for backfill for retaining wall projects.

Stone Dust – Very compactable fines, ideal for baseball diamonds. This product is also used as a paver leveling course.