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Paver Base 1/4" Crushed Crete – Compacts well for paver base.

Compaction Fill 1/2" Crushed Crete

– Compacts extremely well, ideal for paver base and retaining wall footings

Crushed Crete 1/2" - 2" – Good for establishing a base in muddy areas. Note this is a recycled product that may have material pieces other than concrete.

Crushed Crete 1/2" - 1" – An inexpensive alternative to natural stone for drainage and establishing of a base.

21AA & 22A Stabilized Crushed Crete

– A gradation often specified for stabilization

 of an area.

Rip Rap 2” - 6" Crushed Crete – A large sized product use for stabilization of a run off area.

Recycled Concrete

Consumers has supported "green" initiative for many years. We have provided collection points for used concrete products to be later crushed and screened into usable recycled products. This process has saved thousands of tons of material from our landfills while contributing to a healthy, more energy efficient society.LEED ® Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the source for this movement in the building construction industry. Credits may be available with the use of these Eco-friendly recycled products.Please note that although manufacturing of recycled products are done with todays latest equipment, foreign particle materials are often found in the product.