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Manufactured by Consumers Concrete

Redi-Rock Walls & Columns

Redi-Rock walls harness the power of gravity by using blocks weighing over 1 ton each.  The massive scaled system allows gravity walls to be built much higher than other wall systems without using geogrid or tie-backs.  Redi-Rock products capture the “Essence of Natural Rock” with textures so natural, many mistake it for quarried stone.

Cobblestone Pattern

Limestone Pattern

Ledgestone Pattern


Retaining Wall Block Specifications


    Full Block


        •  Height: 18"

        •  Width: 46"

        •  Depth: 36"

        •  Weight: 1300 - 2400 lbs.

        •  Radius 14'6"



Fast, Easy Installation

Two installers and a piece of equipment replace the tedious job of laying blocks. A small excavator, skidsteer, or backhoe becomes part of the team and enhances productivity.


Half Block


    •  Height: 18"

    •  Width: 23"

    •  Depth: 36"

    •  Weight: 600 - 1200 lbs

    •  Radius 8'

Manufactured by Consumers Concrete

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