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"Natural Rock"

Free Standing Walls...Designed For You.

Imagine, Free Standing Walls pre-engineered to achieve heights of 7'6" and beyond by adding optional tie down procedures. Free Standing walls are the ideal answer for a dramatic statement in divider walls. They can be used as security force protection walls where absolute protection and mass is needed. At two feet in width and an average weight of 1,300 pounds per block, this mass allows you to create architecturally pleasing walls that are virtually immovable.  We always use a fresh concrete mix designed for strength and durability in every one of our Red-Rock pieces.  We NEVER use repurposed concrete.



Ledgestone Pattern

Cobblestone Pattern


Block Specifications


    Full Block


        •  Height: 18"

        •  Width: 46"

        •  Depth: 24"

        •  Weight: approx. 1300 lbs.




    •  Ability to Achieve Wall Heights in Excess of 7'6"

    •  Security "Force Protection" Locking System Available

    •  Fast and Easy Installation

    •  Attractive Natural Rock Appearance

    •  Competitive Pricing


Half Block


    •  Height: 18"

    •  Width: 23"

    •  Depth: 24"

    •  Weight: approx. 650 lbs

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