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Rockwood EZ Wall II™

Retaining walls have arrived and are here to stay. Landscape designers and homeowners alike have discovered the strength, beauty, style - and amazing versatility of today's concrete segmented walls.


Consumers Concrete offers retaining wall options in a variety of colors and styles and textures that will compliment any landscape setting. A do-it-yourselfer's dream - no mortar and no footings, E-Z Wall's design offers architectural flexibility without sacrificing stability. This innovative system creates a secure, positive concrete connection between the units and no need for mortar. E-Z Wall is a one-piece, pinless system that incorporates a small lip, or edge along the back of each unit to secure it to the unit below. Our experts are ready and eager to help you select the E-Z Wall Retaining System that's right for your particular application.

E-Z Wall II™

4.5”h x 8”w x 9”d


3”h x 8”w x 6” back x 9”d

Designed For Easy Job Site Split Into Individual Units.


*Note: If soil, drainage, water flow, and surrounding load conditions are severe, the use of geogrid and other Rockwood Retaining Wall products should be considered.












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Natural Gray

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